Why Financial Planning ?

   Do you know the value of assets and liabilities that you have ?
   Are you aware of the amounts needed for your retirement or world tour ?
   Is it wise to stay on rent or buy a property and stay in it ?
   Are you taking advantage of the tax exemptions available ?
   Should you change your job just because the CTC of the new company is higher than the old company ?
   Should you withdraw your PF amount when you leave the job ?
   Should you foreclose your housing loan by withdrawing your mutual funds/ stocks ?
   Have you wondered why companies have a balance sheet and they do this exercise every quarter / year ?
   Have you ever thought that if you were a business would you have any investors investing in you ?
   Should you invest in gold, real estate, stocks, insurance ?
   Even within these there are various options and each option seems better than the previous one .

In today?s uncertain economy and given the scenario of confusion with a wide range of products and product sellers, managing your finances can become a lot tricky. Creating a financial plan helps you create a bigger picture and also provides you with a complete road map to achieve your short term and long term goals.

Just as an architect first prepares a concept, then the drawing and a blueprint of the building and the contractor then constructs the same based on the specifications mentioned in the drawing.

Life Lite too acts as your financial architect and helps you design your dream financial house with all the goals built in it.