Services - Life Plan

Our services include providing a comprehensive financial plan which is documented. Periodic reviews ensure that the plan is monitored and executed.
While creating a plan we always the ensure the following
Imagine a 100 storey building without a strong base. Will it be able to withstand any calamity? It is a strong base which ensures that the building built on it is strong and can be scaled to greater heights
Similarly we ensure that your financial base is strong and then we can scale the building to greater heights. Also the strong base will ensure that in case of any unforeseen event you are not impacted in a big way financially. A proper mix of products is used to make the building strong and long lasting.

The various components of the financial plan are typically as follows

   Balance Sheet
   Income and expense statement
   Goal analysis and assets mapping to goals
   Debt Management
   Risk management & Insurance
   Retirement planning
   Estate planning
   Tax Planning